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Outside of proven business partnerships, ERPROOTS does not allow unauthorized concept submissions. We must approach the problem of such submissions with great caution to protect the interests of our current customers and ourselves. Importantly, ERPRoots does not handle all such submissions with trust without a strong business relationship. Therefore, through this website, please do not reveal unauthorized submissions of ideas to ERPROOTS. Any ideas revealed to ERPROOTS outside a confidential business agreement that is pre-existing and reported are not confidential and ERPROOTS can therefore create, use and report or publish similar ideas openly without compensating you or paying for you. Without a thorough review of them, ERPROOTS will make every fair attempt to return or destroy any unauthorized submissions of ideas.

In ERPROOTS’ absolute discretion, however, if a review is required, it will be with the understanding that ERPROOTS does not accept any responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of your concept or reimburse you for its disclosure or use. You agree to be bound by the terms of this specified policy by sending an idea or another comprehensive request to ERPROOTS via this website.

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