Positive Release

Positive Release


During the put away process for bulk storage the “Time limit” which is number of days after the first transfer to the row (storage bin) after which no goods can be transferred into the row.


The date of the first transfer to the row is used as the goods receipt date of all subsequent transfers to the row.  Therefore, it is a good idea to stop other transfers to the row after a certain number of days so that the FIFO principle is not violated.


The business requirement is to extended the goods receipt date along with the SLED dates combination which is received during the inbound process


In SAP standard the validation done for the block structures during put away is only for the goods receipt date and not SLED dates as required by the business

Business Requirement

During the put away process and determination of destination storage type/sec/bin the stock type of the product being received in the inbound delivery need to be considered during the warehouse task creation


  1. In case of quality stock being received, the destination bin selected should ensure that quality stock and unrestricted use should not be mixed together in one bin (or) Vice versa. For the above case, a new bin will be determined for the stock to be put away based on the put away strategies.
  2. In case of two different batches mix being received for
  3. quality stock type, the destination bin suggested should never allow two or more different batches of stock in a single bin. In the case above a new destination bin to be suggested by the system based on the put away strategies.
  4. For unrestricted use stock types mixing of batches will be allowed in a single destination bin if the following criteria is met
  5. The SLED dates of the batches being received should not differ 30 days from each other.
  6. If there is no SLED, the Goods receipt date of the batches being received should not differ 30 days from each other.
  7. OR In case of both SLED and Goods receipt date is updated SLED dates will take preference to validate that the batches does not differ 30 days from each other.


In addition to the enhancement activation of the positive release logic, there should be additional logic possible whether this development is triggered yes/no.


The badi which will be called is /SCWM/IF_EX_CORE_PTS_FILT_SORT



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