Send an E-Mail after PO Final Release

Send an E-Mail after PO Final Release


Once the PO has undergone final release, the E-Mail should be triggered with the respective print preview pdf.

Release Strategy

  • The release strategy defines the approval process for purchase requisitions or external purchasing documents. The strategy specifies the release codes necessary and the sequence in which releases have to be effected. You can define a maximum of eight release codes.


  • The assignment of the release strategy to a requisition or a purchasing document is based on the release conditions. The release strategy differs from one company to another. And the levels of approval also differ from one company to another.


  • Assuming the release strategy required 3 levels of release, for example, A3, A2 and finally A1 (final release), A3 will first receive this workflow in his/her inbox. After A3 has been released, A2 will subsequently receive workflow in his/her inbox for this same PO. In the PO, you will be able to see that the A2 release is now possible. This flow will continue until the final releaser, A1.
  • If A1 releases the PO, E-Mail will be triggered to the respective client.
  • If the PO has been released in ME28, then the standard Badi     ‘ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED’ will be triggered and implement it.
  • The FM ‘ ME_DISPLAY_PURCHASE_DOCUMENT’ is used to generate a print preview.
  • Two new RFC Function Modules are created to generate the spool number and send an E-Mail.



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