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For some customers a SAP upgrade is simply a stepping stone from a current SAP investment to gain more market value. For some, the SAP upgrade is seen as a building block for the extension of a whole new system into other usable areas. Whatever direction you take, our job is to get your upgrade completed as easily and painlessly as possible.

Since the effect of an upgrade on your current infrastructure is often difficult to determine, we will work with you to provide reliable estimates of the costs and effort involved; including project length, downtime, and effects on other systems. We’ll also help you visualize the road map, design and technical effect of the upgrade – and give you a clear understanding of what transitional services and operational support services are required.

We provide our customers with a well-structured and documented approach for SAP version upgrade. Using a well-defined upgrade methodology, having the experience of multiple SAP upgrades, we make a smooth, optimal and efficient transition.

Three Steps to Upgrade

  • Assess: Upgrade assessment for evaluating system readiness
  • Scope: Build value proposition for upgrade
  • Upgrade: Technical / Functional upgrade for optimum value benefit

Our SAP upgrade services follow the SAP best practices, for the following project lifecycle:

  • High level project plan with identified responsibilities for ERP Roots and your team.
  • SAP Landscape review.
  • Hardware review and availability of extra hardware for the upgrade project.
  • Use ERP Roots upgrade tools for determining the ABAP objects inventory, enhancements, modifications and other object types.
  • Use ERP Roots upgrade tools to determine test coverage and identify critical transactions.
  • Objects adjustment and review of obsolete developments.
  • Comprehensive regression testing in collaboration with key users.
  • SAP production instance upgrade. Post production support to ensure SAP system stability.


  • Unicode migration enabling multiple language options
  • Full internet enabled SAP operations
  • More than 300 new features available for implementation
  • Post upgrade
  • Applications
  • New enhanced features (BIW/CRM-NetWeaver)
  • New enhanced functionalities of ECC 6.0
  • Availability of country specific advanced compliance
  • Improved decision-making with more powerful Business
  • Intelligence capabilities of SAP ERP 6.0
  • Faster response to business change
  • Improved ongoing Change Management
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced time to market for new solutions built on
  • SAP Enterprise SOA