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Industrial Machinery and Components

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Industrial Machinery and Components

SAP software can help you deliver personalized, connected products and solutions; personalize, automate and optimize customer experience and support aftermarket and result driven services.

Streamline the implementation process and put together with our Industrial Machinery & Components, Market Solution, applications, global best practices, comply with the legal, regulatory and management reporting. This approach will enable you to keep up with the evolving regulations and technologies by transforming processes and by continuous customer interaction enabling new production and sales models.

  • Demand-Driven Replenishment - Promote material flow with buffers positioned strategically, reducing inventory and improving service operation.
  • Advanced Available to Promise - Improve customer satisfaction by offering exact commitments in terms of quantity and delivery time based on drafted rules of business.
  • Replenishment and Supply Planning -Meet goals for inventories while meeting demands with effective planning for replenishment and deployment.
  • Material Requirements Planning - Plan in response to consumer's changing demand with proactive decisions
  • Constraint-Based Production - Planning Minimize manual effort, and save time when handling requirements by optimizing the capacity-based production schedule.
  • Advanced Transportation Management - Boost the transport performance by handling both inbound and outbound freight in a comprehensive manner.
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management - Optimize real-time high-volume warehouse operations including inventory monitoring, cross-docking, delivery, multi channel fulfilment and more.