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Engineering, Construction, and Operations

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Engineering, Construction, and Operations

For engineering and construction companies today’s world is harder than ever before. Tight margins, high rivalry and demands for faster completion times are rising risks and placing tremendous pressure on engineering and construction companies.

At the same time, the cash position and liquidity of your business are crucial to your success and growth. Globalization poses new problems and far greater competition.

Sharpen your Competitive Edge with SAP S4/HANA Solutions

Gain competitive advantage by exploiting SAP and keep projects on track. Integrated SAP construction and engineering solutions cover the entire lifecycle of a project. SAP software systems have the broad enterprise-wide visibility you need to excel from planning and design to project management to operations. And they can help you interact with strategic partners, key stakeholders, manage documentation, track materials shipping and quality for greater control.

By implementing custom-fit SAP systems we will help your company achieve streamlined operations in the main areas at the heart of your construction business. Our experience in this industry has taught us that the cooperation with subcontractors, owners and vendors needs to be increased in today’s business companies. Using best practices from SAP, we offer a pre-configured solution to streamline your businesses for optimal performance.

  • Leverage pre-configured processes, best practices and engineering construction and operations industry expertise.
  • Review pertinent processes quickly, identify gaps, and implement delta requirements.
  • Utilize pre-packaged business intelligence dashboards in addition to pre-packaged financial and operational reports.
  • Benefit from significantly reduced implementation costs and timelines.