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Consumer Packaged Goods companies now need a new and complex degree of interactivity with social communication, personalization, marketing and promotion systems to gain fresh and actionable insights into developing strong account management teams to represent strategic retail partners, improve e-category management of the next generation and create their digital quotient.

We have successfully helped industry-leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies achieve deeper integration with warehouse management and extended warehouse management, develop system capabilities for competitive pricing, get cash flow and profitability reporting in real time and eliminate differences in inventory valuation due to various units of measures. This means greater organizational efficiency for you, which performs better and provides a distinct competitive advantage.

  • Decode new opportunities in sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain, and marketing to drive growth through digital transformation.
  • Enabling companies to work together within and outside to deliver quality goods.
  • Increase product demand and consumer buying experience through use of trendy product design, virtual shopping and configuration tools to store.
  • Drive down material costs by publishing requirements of products across brands, territories and categories to establish capable procurement practices.
  • Bridge the difference between consumer demand and supply by preserving traceability from new concepts to marketing and obsolescence.