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ERPROOTS helps you through a business-focused approach to evaluate and find the best SAP software solutions for your industry.

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At ERPROOTS, we follow the Elite Model to provide structured and systematic SAP consulting services to identify and resolve your organizational challenges. Our services include everything from SAP upgrades & implementation services to SAP project management & support to achieve a successful transition.

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Elite Model

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SAP Consulting involves providing assistance, guidance, support, and solutions related to SAP Systems and applications. This includes helping businesses to implement, manage, and optimize their SAP solutions.

SAP Services include a wide range of offerings, such as consulting, implementation, training, support, and maintenance of SAP software solutions, to meet business needs.

SAP consulting service involves providing expert advice on planning, implementing, and managing SAP solutions to help businesses effectively reach their goals and achieve their objectives.

SAP Solutions are software applications or suites of applications provided by SAP. They are designed to help businesses manage their data, operations, and make informed decisions.

The time required to implement an SAP project depends entirely on the project’s nature, scope, company size and complexity, business nature, etc. It could vary between months to years.

To ensure seamless integration of SAP with other systems, have a defined objective in place, use standardized data formats and protocols, utilize appropriate APIs and SAP integration suite, and engage experienced consultants.

ERPROOTS ensures smooth SAP Data Migration through planning, data cleansing, data extraction, and transformation using SAP Migration Cockpit. Our approach includes thorough testing, training, go-live, and post-migration support. 

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