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SAP Consulting

SAP Consulting

We have partnered with some of the world’s biggest businesses to provide solutions to their challenges using an established business-focused approach. We then work with our clients to develop and deliver effective solutions, finding the right balance between maximizing what they have and providing what they need, starting with understanding of the business needs.

The Product Analysis, Assessment and Selection Service

The time and effort needed to evaluate an ERP solution and the effect it can have on your company is important. Organizations therefore need to make fully informed decisions about the scalability and appropriateness of an ERP solution to suit their business needs.

ERP Roots guides its customers in identifying the most appropriate SAP solutions for their industry and sector, and then helps them to evaluate and pick the one that best suits their business requirements.

The Product Analysis, Assessment and Selection Service supports our clients by enabling them to make smarter, quicker, and more cost-efficient business decisions.

ERP Roots Product Analysis, Assessment and Selection Service includes;

  • Solution Envisioning
  • Business Case and Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • Industry Best Practices Adoption
  • Business Process Analysis – Arrive at goals, objectives and KPIs to measure progress
  • Information System Planning for SAP Implementation
  • Gap Analysis and Fitment Analysis
  • Migration Study
  • Integration Study
  • Project Scoping and Sizing