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Business AI

Enabling Intelligent Digital Transformation

ERPROOTS has long been on the frontline to embrace and deploy any new SAP solution for our enterprise customers, and the same enthusiasm is exhibited towards embedding Artificial Intelligence into their business ecosystem—ensuring intelligence while being responsible.

What is SAP Business AI?

SAP Business AI empowers enterprises to unlock the full potential of data, driving measurable business outcomes. Through intelligent automation, predictive analysis, and in-built or custom-built AI models, businesses can run more efficiently and make informed decisions.


Ensured Intelligence

Synergizing S/4HANA

Enterprises running S/4HANA can now realize the dual benefit of seamlessly connecting different business verticals and infusing intelligence into their business processes.

Benefits of Integrating Business AI with S/4HANA 

Scalable Business

Business Technology Platform

The all-in-one foundation that helps enterprises to build and seamlessly integrate their own applications into SAP ecosystem. At ERPROOTS, we leverage the functionalities of SAP BTP to build business-specific AI applications for enterprise customers.


Staying Relevant

Future-Proofing the Industrial Landscape

SAP Business AI services help industries instantly align their business process to changing market conditions while derisking their business profile.

The future of industries require businesses to perform

SAP Business AI Service

Think Ahead

Take the first step towards intelligent transformation

Our experienced consultants can help you challenge the existing business complexities and make you future-ready.

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