Payslip Generation

Payslip Generation


To generate the payslip for the employees in the organization including all earnings and deductions according to their wages which helps them to have a clear idea of the salary received and how much has been deducted.


The points to be considered while configuring the payslip are.


  • The details that are to be printed should be done on a single page.
  • The position of the information to be printed should be the same in all payslip that is being generated.
  • And also it contains some personal information about the employees including bank details, PAN number, etc.
  • This can be achieved by using the smart form and the data to be printed will be passed via a table since the data will be repeatedly changing respective to the employee.
  • The validation should be maintained to prevent any name to be displayed in the payslip, and the name has to be pre-defined in transaction SM30.


Use an application function module (HR_IN_CHG_INR_WRDS) to convert the amount into words to display it in a smart form.

Creating a new icon in application tool bar

The user can able to create a new icon in the application toolbar in the output screen,


  • Go to transaction SE80, and enter the program name and the list of used elements are displayed like types fields, etc..
  • Create ‘GUI Status’ by right-clicking the program name below the object name and go to create˗>GUI Status.
  • Give the name and short description to the created GUI status and insert an icon in the application toolbar and add an icon and name to the function and activate it.
  • The icon will be displayed in the application toolbar on the output screen.

Downloading the selected information in the desktop

  • To download the selected information call the class cl_gui_frontend_services=>get_desktop_directory.
  • Concatenate the file path and call GUI_DOWNLOAD and give the input and the file will be downloaded in the given path.



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