Mass HU Creation in RF

Mass HU creation in RF


This blog covers the details of the “New Function key” during the receiving process and the technical information about the mass HU creation.

Problem Statement

In the business scenario where there is no ASN during the receiving process and packaging specifications master data maintenance is not done, there was a difficulty to create many HU’s for the same product, which had to be done one at a time.

Solution Overview

With the latest feature of SAP S/4HANA 2020, there is a new function key added to the receiving of handling unit process, which helps to create multiple handling units for the same product at a time in RF. In this scenario, we have an inbound delivery of a product with 100 EA and we have to split/create HU with 10 pcs EA using the new feature provided. The details of the scenario are provided below,

Step 1: – User Logs into RF (for simulation of the process, in this example we have used the Fiori Tile Test RF Environment) and navigates through the inbound process.

Test RF Environment
Inbound Processes in RF
User Logs into RF
Mass HU Creation

Step 2: – User scans the inbound delivery and selects the new function key “F3-MultiHU”

User Logs in RF
User Logs into RF
Mass HU Creation in RF
Mass Hu RF Creation
F3-MultiHU Function Key Selection
F3-MultiHU Function Key Selection

Once the multiple HU (MulHU) button is clicked a function module (/SCWM/RF_REHU_MHUR_PBO) is being triggered.

Multiple HU Button

Once the pallet and the HU’s are entered, then a function module (/SCWM/RF_REHU_PMSL_PAI) will be triggered, and in the FM, a form (pack_item_to_delivery) will be triggered to create the number of HU’s.


A variable (LV_NO_HU) will be holding the no. of HU’s and an internal table (LT_REHU_HU) which holds the data will be exported.

Mass HU Creation

Step 3: – Multiple Handling units are created, Unloading, Goods Receipt and Warehouse task creation for all the handling units at once is done by selection of the respective function keys.

Inbound Delivery User Scans
Mass HQ Creation in RF
  • (/SCWM/RF_REHU_ULDAL) will be triggered and a flag ‘X’ will be set stating that unloading process of all HU’s are completed.
  • Once it is done click on to F2 or Post Goods Receipt for All HUs (PGrAl) button and the function module (/SCWM/RF_REHU_PGRALL) will be triggered. After the execution of that FM a flag will be set in the GR posted field indicating that the process has been completed successfully.
  • After GR is posted, click on F3 or Create warehouse task (CrWTA) button. A function module (/SCWM/RF_REHU_CRWTAL) will be triggered and the creation of warehouse task has been carried out.
Multiple Handling unit Creation in RF

Step 4: – Each of the newly created handling units can be put away by selecting the F4 List Function key and each of the handling units are scanned towards the destination bin accordingly.

Multiple Handling unit Creation in RF
Multihq function key Selection
F4 List Function key Selection
Inbound Delivery User Scans

The process above can be repeated for each of the handling units, until all the handling units for the delivery are put away is completed.

For information, the note 2815759 – RF Receiving: Mass HU Creation for Receipt of Handling Units here can be referred.



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