LTMC (Legacy Transfer Migration Cockpit) for customer master data upload process



When we are Implementing SAP S/4HANA solution, we can migrate our master data and business data from SAP systems or non-SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA by using SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit. 

The SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit uses migration objects to identify and transfer the relevant data. A migration object describes how to migrate data for a specific business object to SAP S/4HANA. It contains information about the relevant source and target structures, as well as the relationships between these structures. It also contains mapping information for the relevant fields, as well as any rules used to convert values that are migrated from source fields to target fields. SAP provides predefined migration objects that you can use to transfer your data. 

The Tool used to perform Migration is LTMC – (Legacy Transfer Migration Cockpit). You can access the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit by using transaction LTMC.    

LTMC is used to migrate data to transfer a mass objects or data’s into a system. The advanced migration cockpit works on S/4HANA. The approach to upload the data can be done in the below ways.

  1. Files Approach – The excel based approach which has pre-defined templates for each of the objects that needs to be filled with the relevant data from the source system/files. For More info on Files approach, click here

  2. Staging Approach – A database connection to the source system database for the relevant objects where the staging tables are created for the data transfer. For more info on staging approach, click here
  3. Direct Transfer from SAP system– An RFC connection-based transfer from the existing ERP system to S/4HANA. For more info on direct transfer from SAP system, click here  

In our blog, we will be explaining about the Files based approach and more relevant to Customer Master Data.

Step 1: Call LTMC transaction code and this will guide you to the FIORI screen where we can start our migration.


Step 2: Create a new project, Click create button to start the project name as Customer master test and press enter as shown:


Step 3: Scroll down to Customer as we are preparing to migrate the customer master.


Step 4: Click Download Template to download the excel file. The data is filed in the excel sheet appropriately and uploaded to migrate data to SAP S/4HANA system.


Step 5: Open the excel sheet and fill the details to be uploaded. According to the specific views in customer master, data is entered in the file as shown below. For each view the Mandatory fields (*), should be maintained, otherwise the system will trigger error message accordingly while uploading the data.


General Data


BP Roles


Sales Data


Sales Partner


Company Data


Company Texts


Output Tax

LTMC Customer master data upload process

Step 6: After completing the entries in the excel sheet, go to migration screen and click upload files to upload the excel file into the SAP system.

SAP Fiori Screen

Followed by click Activate icon and Next Start Transfer icon to transfer the data. Click OK if any warning message arises.


Step 7: The first step in LTMC is Validate data after uploading, the system will display errors if any, then you can proceed for next step or the error message should be addressed in the excel sheet as shown below: Click Next icon to move to the 2nd step.


Step 8: If any open tasks exist, convert into values as shown below


Select the row and click process task and where we can change the data.  Once data are entered open task will be completed and Processed.


Step 9: Simulate the imported file and checks again for the errors as shown. If there are no errors then proceed to next step.


Step 10: Execute the import file into the SAP system. We can find that Our Customer test project is completed.


Step 11: Confirm by checking the XD03 transaction code with respect to the customer details.

1. BP Role: 000000 (General Data)


2. BP Role: FLCU00 (Company code data)


3. BP Role: FLCU01 (Sales and Distribution Data)

LTMC Customer master data upload process
LTMC (Legacy Transfer Migration Cockpit)
LTMC (Legacy Transfer Migration Cockpit)

Conclusion: Based on our upload template the customer master data is uploaded, checked and found its uploaded as expected.



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