Implementing Chart in SAP Neptune application

Implementing Chart in SAP Neptune application


This is an overview about displaying the chart in the SAP Neptune application.

Problem statement

Need to represent the Material Complete vs Incomplete Data values in the form of Pie Chart.


To represent the data in the form of chart, need to define the dimensions & measure’s accordingly in the Neptune application.


The below mentioned screenshot contains the chart representation of Complete vs Incomplete Material Data.

Complete vs Incomplete Material Data

Steps to be followed:

SAP Neptune application chart

Step 1: Include the sap.viz library under the settings in the application.


Step 2:Drag and drop the VizFrame properties to maintain the properties, FlattenedDataset to bind the table under the model source, Measure to bind the value & Dimension to maintain the dimension.


Note: Bind the class name under the settings in the application class field to bind the tables defined in the class.

Implementing Chart in SAP Neptune application

Step 3:Bind the value for the measure & other properties as mentioned below in the screenshot.


Step 4:Save& Activate the application. Click Run in Browser to run the application.

Step 5:Click on the blue area to view the Complete value.

Implementing Chart

Step 6:Click on the orange area to view the incomplete value.


Step 7: If both are selected, then it will be shown with the text that 2 values are selected.


For further reference, refer the UI5 samples in the below-mentioned link.

holistic implementation

With the help of chart implementation, user will be able to see the exact values by just clicking and it will be impressive & understandable to present the data.



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