Goods Receipt by Handling Units in EWM

Goods Receipt by Handling Units in EWM


During the inbound process in EWM, the goods receipt results in creation of material documents in ECC via the goods interface. Whenever the goods receipt is performed, the reversal can only be done for all the stocks that were posted together.

Problem Statement

In this case there is no possibility to revert one HU for example that shouldn’t be posted due to any reason.


Extending this logic will allow the business to cancel/reverse goods receipt by Handling Unit even though the goods receipt is carried out in mass (many Handling Units) together and will ensure smooth goods receipt reversal process.

Our Solution

During the inbound process, the goods receipt functionality is triggered from EWM to ECC via goods movement interface and during the process stocks in ERP are updated along with the necessary material documents. During mass processing of Handling Units during the goods receipt there is a single material document created (all Handling units/products together). There could be a possibility for business to reverse the goods receipt for one of the Handling Units for certain business reason (for example wrong quantity accepted). In the SAP standard processes, it is not possible to reverse the goods receipt for one of the Handling Units if there has been mass processing of goods receipt earlier and one material document has been created.


In this case a BADI needs to be implemented to enable reversal of goods receipt for each Handling Unit even if there is mass processing of goods receipt in EWM.




Method: /SCWM/IF_EX_DLV_GM_PROCESS~CHECK_GR_TYPE in order change the flag of goods receipt type. The default implementation can be found in the fall back class: /SCWM/CL_IM_DLV_GM_PROCESS.


The BADI can be used to set a flag in order to determine the goods receipt mode. With the basic setting which is implemented in the fall back class, the original goods receipt process is used. By changing the flag in a custom implementation, the goods receipt mode can be changed in order to receipt on Handling Unit level, one by one.



Instead of calling the goods movement for each Handling Units, with this solution the goods receipt will be done in one step, but each Handling Unit will get own goods movement document. This will help to reverse the goods receipt individually pro Handling Unit later on.


The BADI will be called during the interface between EWM and ECC and material document creation, the material document creation to be created for each HU in ECC.



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