Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection


  • In the quality inspection process, you inspect a material or product, using inspection specifications that have been predefined in the Inspection planning component.
  • Although the inspection results only document the current quality of a material or product, this information is also useful for quality control (for example, to optimize future processes).


  • The development is used to display the quality inspection lot report. The transaction used for quality inspection is QA32 .
  • In this development, we have included the fields such as planning inspection days, aging days which will help the user to analyze the data clearly.
  • When it meets the planning inspection days and aging days then the E-Mail will be triggered.
  • Planning inspection days are subtracted by calculating the subtracting the start and end date. To find the actual inspection days and aging days for the closed inspection lot, check if the usage decision date is not initial and then subtract the usage decision and start date.
  • If the inspection lot has not been completed the actual inspected days will be assigned zero and the aging days and the overdue days are calculated by subtracting the system date and start date, and end date.
  • The function module ‘ status_text_edit’ is used to get the system status using an object number.
  • In the above image there is a column name custom status it is to show whether the inspection lot is started or yet to start.



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