Custom Logo Upload in the SAP GUI

SAP GUI Custom Logo Upload


This blog covers the topic of uploading a custom logo to your SAP GUI and setting a custom theme for Fiori Launchpad. In our example, we have used the company logo to enhance our SAP GUI and Fiori screens.

Setting the logon picture in SAP GUI

Step 1: Start with transaction SMW0. Moreover, select the binary option:


Press execute and show the list.


Step 2: Check in the menu Settings / Define MIME types that the .gif or .jpg mime type is defined. If not, then define it.


Now go back to the main list and upload the company logo:


The object name will be re-used later. Optionally, you can display the picture. For this you might need to set the MIME editor option (in the menu Settings / Set MIME Editor).


Now the picture is uploaded.


Step 3: In transaction SM30 edit the contents of table SSM_CUST (in case your admin does not want you to use SM30, you can also use transaction SM30_SSM_CUST to maintain it):


Here add three parameters:


  1. START_IMAGE with value ZERP_ROOTS_LOGO (or the name you have provided when uploading the image).
  2. RESIZE_IMAGE with value YES.
  3. HIDE_START_IMAGE with value NO.


Now log off and login again, your picture should appear.


Custom Theme for Fiori Launchpad

Setting the picture in Fiori Launchpad

Step 1: In SAP GUI, go to transaction code /UI5/THEME_DESIGNER following which the default browser will open with the below details, where we can provide the SAP username & password to login & continue.


Click on Create theme button to create the custom theme.


Step 2: Select the base theme and click on Create theme button to proceed further.


Step 3: Provide the application link and name of the application (optional) and click on Add button.


Step 4: Click on Original/Preview to view the created them. On the right side there will be icons with the properties. Click on the Use detailed theme icon to set the background image.


Step 5: Upload the LOGO in the background image property under the shell canvas. Click on the button next to background image property to upload the image.


Click ok button to proceed further,

custom logo upload in the sap gui

Now the uploaded image will be set as background image,


Go to menu Theme -> Save & Build.


Provide the Theme ID & Title accordingly and click on save button.


Step 6: Go to transaction code/UI2/NWBC_CFG_SAP in SAP and set the SAP_FLP parameter value to the custom theme (name of the application) which you created previously.

Custom Logo Upload in the SAP GUI
Custom Logo Upload in the SAP GUI

Step 6: To set the background image for the logon page, go to transaction code SE80 -> MIME repository -> SAP -> PUBLIC -> BC -> UI2 -> logon -> themes -> sap_belize -> img -> background -> Upload -> Upload & Replace.

Custom Logo Upload in the SAP GUI

Upload the custom logo and test it by reloading the Fiori Launchpad.




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