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Send an E-Mail after PO Final Release

Overview Once the PO has undergone final release, the E-Mail should be triggered with the respective print preview pdf. Release Strategy The release strategy defines the approval process for purchase requisitions or external purchasing documents. The strategy specifies the release codes necessary and the sequence in which releases have to be effected. You can define [...]

Goods Receipt by Handling Units in EWM

Overview During the inbound process in EWM, the goods receipt results in creation of material documents in ECC via the goods interface. Whenever the goods receipt is performed, the reversal can only be done for all the stocks that were posted together. Problem Statement In this case there is no possibility to revert one HU [...]

Implementing Chart in SAP Neptune application

Overview This is an overview about displaying the chart in the SAP Neptune application. Problem statement Need to represent the Material Complete vs Incomplete Data values in the form of Pie Chart. Challenges To represent the data in the form of chart, need to define the dimensions & measure’s accordingly in the Neptune application. The [...]

Indication on RF to take LQ Box

Overview The specific dangerous goods are subjected to “Limited Quantity regulation should always be picked and Transported in LQ approved Package material. When the Product is completely picked there is no need for a new LQ Package. If the product is picked in small quantities then those Products should be packed in LQ-approved Package material. [...]

Payslip Generation-Blog

Overview To generate the payslip for the employees in the organization including all earnings and deductions according to their wages which helps them to have a clear idea of the salary received and how much has been deducted. Process The points to be considered while configuring the payslip are. The details that are to be [...]

Positive Release (Asraf)

Overview During the put away process for bulk storage the "Time limit” which is number of days after the first transfer to the row (storage bin) after which no goods can be transferred into the row. The date of the first transfer to the row is used as the goods receipt date of all subsequent [...]

Quality Inspection

Overview In the quality inspection process, you inspect a material or product, using inspection specifications that have been predefined in the Inspection planning component. Although the inspection results only document the current quality of a material or product, this information is also useful for quality control (for example, to optimize future processes). Process The development [...]