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According to the experts, by the middle of the century the world population is rising to more than 10 billion people. Combined with urbanization and the rise of the middle class, this growth will increase demand for good, reasonably produced and sustainable food, which will require double agricultural production.

To succeed we need smart farm-to-fork solutions. We expect agribusiness digitization to play a key role in resolving this issue. New processes and technologies optimize seed selection, irrigation, fertilization and crop protection; automate agricultural work with autonomous equipment, optimize use of assets and streamline the food supply chain to reduce waste.

You need to have the right platform in place to reimagine your business. You’ll need a neutral partner dedicated to an open ecosystem. The digital agribusiness platform enables applications in the agricultural value chain to evolve and be agile. At the same time, it maintains data protection and faith in collaborative situations and protects Intellectual Property ( IP), such as precision farming algorithms.

Thrive in the digital economy by building open and sustainable food supply chains with SAP agribusiness solutions and growing farming efficiencies. SAP Agribusiness solution includes specific requirement based solutions within Agribusiness such as Agricultural Production and Farming, Origination and Trading, Commodity and Food Processing, Food Supply Chain Management and Marketing and Sales.

  • The platform helps agribusinesses deliver reliable, result-based agricultural solutions that exploit Big Data for agriculture. By using smart algorithms it provides clarity and encourages the continuous optimization of processes and activities.
  • Connecting to the agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) like smart machines, drones and robots enables the platform to smartly collect and automate data.
  • The platform promotes collaboration through standardization and open interfaces and enables outcome-based digital services to be delivered in an integrated agribusiness network.